Auditor training

Depending on the  experience and  skills you bring, you can be trained as an auditor in a few weeks to a year. In the first period you will shadow experienced auditors,  see different companies and become acquainted with the profession.

At the same time, you follow internal and external training during which  you build up knowledge of standards, expand your product knowledge, and learn where to find technical information. The training program is not only focused on knowledge, but also on ‘soft skills’ such as conversation and interview techniques. You will receive intensive guidance from an experienced colleague.

As you gain more experience, you will independently visit companies and organisations. After an audit or inspection, you call a colleague to discuss any questions you might have. Every now and then a colleague joins you to see how you are doing. You have regular consultations during team meetings with your colleagues during which  you deal with cases and gain new knowledge.

You are officially qualified as an auditor when you have passed the required exams and successfully completed a formal witness audit. As an auditor, you regularly update your knowledge and skills, so that you are aware of new developments. Whether it concerns production techniques, legislation and regulations or product knowledge, you can count on the knowledge and experience of your colleagues.

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