In addition to schemes that focus specifically on feed safety, there are also schemes that focus more broadly on quality. These schemes often allow for a more individual interpretation of the quality system. Schouten Certification can help you obtain a certificate for the following schemes:

Certification schemes

You want to show that your company is a reliable partner for your customers? Then you can opt for independent sampling to prove this. Schouten Certification can help you take independent and dependable samples. Our experienced auditors use officially recognised methods to take these samples. This way, you can rely on the accuracy of our samples and analyses. Whether it concerns raw materials, liquids, or an end product such as animal feed – we are at your service.

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How do you know if the cleaning regiment you apply or the flushing charges you perform are adequate? Is your cargo hold suitable for animal feed after the transport of another product? This can be checked by means of residue sampling. Schouten Certification can take these samples for you. When taking samples, the critical (low and high) contact points in a cargo area production line are taken into account. Because our auditors have a lot of experience, they know exactly what to pay attention to. This way you and your customers can trust your products.

After analysis and sampling, you will receive a certificate showing that your loading space is again suitable for the transport or storage of animal feed. The condition here is that the result of the sample’s analysis, comply with the applicable requirements of the applicable GMP-standards.

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