About us

Schouten Certification is an independent certification and inspection body that supports companies in the food and feed chain and in the logistics sector with objective and expert audits and inspections.


Schouten Certification was founded in 2002 and primarily focuses on the certification of food and feed companies. As of 2004, Schouten Certification started providing services to the Belgian market. Accreditation was obtained by the Dutch Accreditation Council and Schouten spread its wings to other countries. Since 2011, Schouten Certification is also providing certification and inspection services for the food sector.

We are a small, flexible organisation with ~30 employees in various countries in Europe.  In 20 years, Schouten Certification has grown into a customer-oriented organization with in-depth expertise of food and feed supply chains.

Can we help?

We are ready to discuss with you what you want to achieve. During the application, we identify your business processes and internal organisation and schedule a tailor-made audit.

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