Schouten Certification offers a number of certification schemes and scopes for companies in the animal feed sector that are related to responsible use of raw materials.

Schouten Certification strives for a more sustainable future and is convinced that companies can do more. If you are interested in a (non-binding) conversation about sustainability in your company, please contact Schouten Certification directly.

Certification schemes

GMP+ International has, in addition to their certification scheme for animal feed safety, also created certification standards for responsible animal feed: Feed Responsibility Assurance. GMP + FRA contains standards for, for example, non-GMO animal feed. In addition, the use of RTRS soy (Round Table on Responsible Soy) can be certified. These standards can be found on the website of GMP + International.

An audit against the GMP + FRA standard can be combined with audits for GMP + FSA. Curious about the possibilities?

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Better life for everyone, who doesn’t  want that? That is why the Belgian Healthy Farming Association has developed the quality label ‘Better for everyone | Mieux Pour Tous’ (BVI-MPT). The label will be used to further develop sustainable food chains that are better for humans and animals.

In order to use the label, you must be certified against the BVI-MPT standard. Schouten Certification can audit your organisation in accordance with BVI-MPT. Curious about the possibilities?

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