Certification schemes

Inspection of loading spaces generally takes place when new loading units are used or (un)consciously ‘violating’ the guidelines for the transport of feed. In an LCI, among other things, the loading sequence, risk classification of transported products and applied cleaning regimes are discussed.

Inspecting (and possibly sampling) the loading space itself is also one of the fixed elements of a loading space inspection. After inspection, you will receive a release certificate showing that your loading space again meets the requirements and can be fully deployed.

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How do you know whether the cleaning you apply or the flushing charges you perform are sufficient? Is your cargo hold really suitable for animal feed again after the transport of another product? This can be checked by residual sampling. Schouten Certification can take these samples for you. Sampling takes into account the critical (low and high) contact points in a loading space or production line. Because our auditors have a lot of experience, they know exactly what to pay attention to. So you and your customers can rely on your products.

After analysis and sampling, you will receive a certificate showing that your loading space is again suitable for the transport of animal feeds. The condition is that the result of the analysis of the samples meets the applicable requirements of the applicable GMP standards.

Curious about the possibilities?

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