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Inspection by expert, experienced inspectors with a customer-oriented approach not only results in a company-specific result, but above all provides leads for improving your processes and products. The certificate assures the delivery of a safe and high quality product.

Step by step

You want to show that your company is a trustworthy supplier. That is why you have decided to let your company be inspected by Schouten Inspection.

Food safety system

The road to inspection starts with describing (in your management system) the way your product or service comes about. You are ready for inspection when, in your opinion, your management system and the implementation thereof adheres to the for your company applicable legislation and regulations.

Quotation phase

After filling in a request form, you will receive a quotation from us. When you agree with this quotation and it has been signed by you and by us, the quotation also functions as the inspection agreement. In this agreement (and accompanying regulations) the rights and obligations of both parties are described. The costs and the planning of the inspection are also included in the agreement.


After receiving the signed inspection agreement, we will assign a qualified inspector who will assess your product or company. The inspector will contact you to make plans for the further assessment. Schouten Inspection has 25 qualified employees that can inspect your company or product.

Assessment of your company

For the inspection of your company, an inspector will visit your company. The assessment starts with an opening meeting. The inspector will introduce him or herself and will walk you through the process of the assessment. He or she will inspect the activities, take samples if necessary, review documents and interview the management and employees. An assessment of a product (or service) by taking samples and analysing them can be part of the inspection. Obtained information will serve as evidence. The analysis will be done by an accredited laboratory. The length of the inspection will depend on the size of your company and or the nature of what your company does. For this, the applicable scheme authority will have created norms.

The inspector will assess the evidence using the criteria of the scheme for which you are being inspected. You will of course be kept up to date of the findings of the inspector.

Closing meeting

In the closing meeting, the inspector will present his or her findings and conclusions.


After the assessment, the inspector will make a short report with his or her findings and conclusions.

The report will be given to a technical reviewer. This is a second, independent inspector from Schouten Inspection that will assess whether the inspector, that has visited your company, has handled according to the requirements of the scheme. All notes the inspector made will be archived in the dossier. This is required for accurate reporting, for answering future questions and to assure traceability and independence afterwards.

Decision making

The final decision about the certificate is made by the management of Schouten Inspection. You will receive our decision and report two weeks after we have made the decision. The result can either be positive or negative. If it is negative, then you will have to take the necessary measures to comply to the demands of the standard. After you have made the changes, there will be a new inspection.


The result will be positive if your company or product complies to the standards set by the applicable scheme. In that case, the management of Schouten Inspection will prepare the paperwork and you will receive the formal document in the form of a certificate.

 Re-inspection of your company

When applicable, a renewal date is mentioned on the inspection certificate. Before this date, a reassessment of your company will take place. The inspector will essentially start the process that is described on this page all over again.

Contact with your company

Here at Schouten Inspection, the contact between you, your company and Schouten Inspection is maintained by your inspector. He or she is your contact person for any questions you may have. You will receive the personal e-mail address and phone number so you can always contact your inspector. When necessary, your inspector will contact the secretariat of Schouten Inspection to find answers to your questions. We believe in short communication lines.

You can start your application by downloading the applicable application form below. If you have any questions, you can always contact the secretariat. Our skilled employees will happy to assist you and help you fill in the application.

Application Forms

PDF EN: Application Form

PDF Dutch: Application Form Release Inspection


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