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This way, we make sure our food is safe and 'healthy'.

Gluten free certification

Food hypersensitivity is a phenomenon that can lead to nausea, shortness of breath, shock, and even to death. Food hypersensitivity is caused by certain proteins in food, so called allergens. Coeliac disease (hypersensitivity to gluten) is one of the most common food hypersensitivities.

The Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging

The Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging (NCV, Dutch Coeliac Disease Association) has supported people with Coeliac disease since the seventies. In order to provide consumers with safe choices in the supermarket, the NCV has developed a standard for suppliers of gluten-free foodstuffs. Certified companies receive a logo from the NCV, which proves to customers that those companies are trustworthy suppliers of safe, gluten-free products.

Food hypersensitivity

The trouble with allergens has led to an ever growing demand for healthy products that are safe for consumers with food hypersensitivity. The Certificate Gluten Free helps consumers be more confident when shopping in the supermarket, by making clear what products comply with legislation, are certified, and are safe.

What do you gain?

A safe product that complies with legislation concerning gluten. The certificate shows that you are a trustworthy supplier of quality products. It also shows that with your management system, you can quickly anticipate possible crises and trace where irregularities occur within your company or in the chain.

Certificate and logo in the EU?

Through suppliers and producers of foodstuffs, consumers, and the NCV, the scheme and logo (the circle with green ear) are publicised in the European Union. This creates an international platform for the certificate and for the companies that can use the logo.

Application Form

PDF Application Form Glutten Free


Dutch: PDF Certification regulations foodstuffs (for the time being only gluten free)


Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging (Dutch Coeliac Society)

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