Carefully, certificate is issued

This way, we make sure our food is safe and 'healthy'.


Feed Hygiene Regulation

As a company that produces, processes and/or distributes animal feeds, you are an important link in the food and feed chain. The Feed Hygiene Regulation (EU Regulation 183/2005) requires companies that operate in the animal feed chain to have written procedures that are HACCP based. GMP+ International has recognised this requirement and has, in cooperation with the animal feed sector, developed the GMP+ standards. By implementing and adhering to these standards, you as a company comply to all the requirements in the FHR.

Certification GMP+ FSA

A certificate assures the delivery of good and safe animal feed. Amongst other things, all processes, equipment and employees that are involved in the manufacture, trade or transport of animal feed will be audited in order to acquire a GMP+ FSA certificate.