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This way, we make sure our food is safe and 'healthy'.

Animal Feed

The demand for sustainable, trustworthy, and safe food for both humans and animals is growing. All parts of the chain (from farmer to retailer) have a responsibility to ensure that food is actually safe for consumption. Certificates ensure the supply of safe and dependable foodstuffs and animal feeds.

As a company that produces, processes, and/or distributes animal feeds, you are a vital link in the chain. Legislation demands that companies in the animal feed sector have written procedures based on HACCP. You can find more information about this on the site of the Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (NVWA, The Dutch food and consumer product safety authority).

Scheme administrators have acknowledged this and have developed, in cooperation with the feed sector, standards for food and feed safety. By implementing these standards in your company, you will be in compliance with all legal requirements.

During the process of certification, anything that plays a role in the production, delivery and distribution of foodstuffs and animal feeds at your company can be reviewed. Think of your production processes, your employees or your means of transport. Schouten Certification certifies a wide variety of certification schemes. For more information of the certificates that we can help you with, please see the menu on the left.

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Schouten Certification certifies (assesses) companies for the following schemes:

GMP+ International (worldwide)

All scopes within GMP+ Feed Certification scheme – module Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA) including:

  • Laboratory Registration (GMP+ B11)
  • Country Note Antibiotics-free feed (GMP+ BCN-NL1)
  • Country Note Dioxin-monitoring (GMP+ BCN-NL2)
  • Country Note Central and Eastern Europe (GMP+ CEE)
  • Country Note Italy (GMP+ IT)
  • Country Note China (GMP+ BCN-CN1)

  • Country Note QM Milch (GMP+ BCN-DE1)
  • Country Note Vietnam (GMP+ BCN-VN)

All scopes within the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme – module Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA) including:

  • MI 101 for Responsible soy
  • MI 102 for Responsible pig and poultry feed
  • MI 103 for Responsible dairy feed
  • MI 105 for GMO assured

OVOCOM (Belgium, France and the Netherlands)

  • Feed Chain Alliance – together for safety and quality (FCA)
  • Auto Control Guide Animal Feed (G_001)

BFA (formerly BEMEFA) Association of compound feed companies (Belgium)

  • Specifications for the ‘Production of compound feed with feed materials of plant origin’ (lastenboek plantaardig)
  • Specific requirements Healthy Farming Association (lastenboek HFA)

Verein für kontrollierte alternative Tierhaltungs-formen e.V. (KAT) (Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands)

Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V. (VLOG) (Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands)

SecureFeed foundation (the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium)