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Independent and impartial

Schouten Certification and Inspection guarantees its dependence and impartiality in all its activities. Every employee has signed a non-disclosure agreement and an internal code of conduct. Schouten Certification and Inspection does not receive external financial support (e.g. subsidies) for its activities.

This all is assured by the Schouten Certification Advisory Board. Each year, the board assesses whether the criteria from the applicable accreditation standard(s) are met. The advisory board also assists management in policy development, guards against the interference of commercial interests in matters of certification and advises the management on matters relating to trust in certification and inspection. Should the need arise, the Advisory Board has the right to inform the Dutch Accreditation Council about policy choices of Schouten Certification and Inspection.

The Advisory Board represents all interested parties from the sectors in which Schouten Certification operates.


As a member of the branch organisation Nederlandse Vereniging Certificatie-instellingen (NVCi, Dutch Association of Certifying Bodies), Schouten Certification and Inspections signed a code of conduct for certifying bodies. In this code, things like quality of services, competence of employees and ethical principles are described. By signing the code of conduct, Schouten Certification and Inspection endorses the importance of integrity at certifying bodies.

Publicly accessible information

There is some publicly accessible information available on the website of Schouten Certification and Inspection. The declaration of independence and impartiality, the regulations for certification, inspection and mediation, application forms for certification and inspection and access to important websites are always available.

Questions about information about (former) certificate holders and/or certificates, assessment reports or employees can be asked using the contact page. An overview of companies with a valid, expired, suspended or a revoked certificate can be found on the GMP+ International, OVOCOM and FAVV (Foodweb) websites.

Information is only provided with the consent of the company and/or person concerned. Restriction following legislation and regulation or institutions such as the European Privacy Authorities, Accreditation Councils and scheme managers will be taken into account.


The Schouten Certification and Inspection rates are between 105 and 1.150 euro per unit. Units can relate to inspections but also to audits. The rate per unit that is applicable for you depends on the type of service, the required competencies of employees, the required hours and your specific company situation. After receiving your application form, we will send you a quotation in which the rates per unit are specified.

Help us improve

If you have a suggestion which will help us improve our services, please tell us by using the contact form on the page ‘Contact’. The way we treat your suggestion is described in our regulations for mediation and improvement.

Regulations mediation and improvement

PDF Dutch: Regulations For Mediation


Schouten Certification is accredited under number C-552 by the Raad voor Accreditatie (RvA, Dutch Accreditation Council). The RvA assesses periodically whether Schouten Certification has complied to the requirements when issuing certificates.

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