About Schouten Certification

Custom approach for all your standards

We support you through objective and expert audits and inspections.

About Schouten Certification

Schouten Certification and Inspection is an independent certification and inspection body that assists companies in the foodstuffs and animal feed supply chain with objective and expert audits and inspections. Schouten Certification and Inspection is part of a group of companies which were created as feed and food companies in 1893. In 2014, Schouten Certification and Inspection was separated from the Schouten group to strengthen its independence and impartiality. Schouten Certification and Inspection is now completely independent and is led by Evert van de Pest.

Schouten Certification and Inspection is a small, flexible organisation with 25 employees in several countries. Due to its flat organisational structure, the lines to the clients are short and clear. When required, Schouten Certification works in cooperation with colleague certification bodies in countries where communication and contact can be better organised by local organisations.

In 15 years, Schouten Certification has grown into a client-oriented organisation with extensive knowledge of companies in the foodstuffs and animal feed supply chain, and with a pragmatic approach and a clear cost structure.

Our reputation is best expressed with the following characteristics:

  • Thorough
  • Independent
  • Flexible
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Experienced
  • Objective
  • Transparent
  • Honest

Active around the globe

Schouten Certification and Inspection has both a national and an international focus. We are active in 25 countries.

Expert, competitive and flexible

Certification and inspection are the most important products Schouten Certification has to offer. We know what is going on in your company and our employees have years of experience when it comes to trade, production, transport, sampling and (laboratory) research of animal feed and foodstuffs. Due to our efficient methods and organisation, we can deliver our products at competitive prices. Moreover, due to our small organisation, we can be flexible in the way we find answers to your questions.

Custom work for all your standards

Our clients can count on a tailored approach when it comes to the assessment of standards set by GMP+ International or OVOCOM. We can even help you with specific schemes such as the one by BFA (previously named BEMEFA) or by the Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging (NCV, Dutch Coeliac Disease Association). To comply to these standards, we also offer sampling and release inspections for vehicles, ships and storage compartments (LCI).

If you want to be assessed based on other standards (such as ISO 9001, BRC or IFS), then we will find an expert in that field with whom we can be of service to you. This way, you only need one partner for all your certified standards.

Feed Safety Assurance

A certificate from Schouten Certification is an assurance for (food)safety. It shows that you are a dependable and trustworthy supplier. With your management system, you can quickly anticipate possible calamities and trace where irregularities occur within your company or in the chain.


Schouten Certification aims to keep innovating. Innovation lets us help companies and consumers when it comes to (food)safety, health, sustainability and the environment. We assist in the development of certification schemes, we help improve the skills of your employees and contribute to the trustworthiness of certificates.

Developments and news

Close cooperation with organisations such as GMP+ International, OVOCOM, BFA (previously BEMEFA) and the FAVV often provide valuable information. This gives you, as a customer of Schouten Certification and Inspection, information on the latest developments in your industry at an early stage.


Raad voor Accreditatie (Dutch Accreditation Council)

NVCI (Brancheorganisatie voor certificatie- en inspectie instellingen)